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Private Investigations

Swift and Exhaustive Private Investigations

Are you planning to hire a top private investigator in your state? Do you require discreet and confidential surveillance services? Whether you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, or rogue employees are embezzling company funds, or a key witness is being elusive, you can count on Bond Investigations to uncover the truth and provide you with conclusive evidence on the answers you desperately need.

Surveillance Investigations

Experts in General Surveillance:

Surveillance investigation plays an integral part in uncovering fraud, infidelity, and curbing both vandalism and theft. Bond Investigations has a long-standing tradition of undertaking covert surveillance operations. During investigations, we carry out surveillance to gather intelligence and admissible evidence that our clients can use to seek restitution or to prosecute a suspect.

Infidelity Investigations

Professional Infidelity Investigator

While no one wants to imagine that a spouse could be cheating on them, sometimes the signs are obvious. Confronting a spouse without evidence makes things harder as cheaters often deny wrongdoing. If you strongly suspect that your spouse is cheating, the best thing to do is to get a detective to conduct infidelity investigation. Only a skilled and professional infidelity investigator can provide you with proof of the affair.

Child Custody Investigations

Professional Child Custody Investigation:

Is a deadbeat compromising your child’s welfare by avoiding child ren support? Our detective is your answer to locating a deadbeat and reminding them of their legal obligations. Our company private detectives can assist you to know the whereabouts as well as the workplaces and any hidden assets registered by an absentee parent. With a proven track record handling parents custodial cases, our child custody private investigators will make every effort to ensure you receive monthly payments towards child support.

Criminal Defense Investigations

Reliable Criminal Defense Investigation Services:

If you’re arrested on suspicions of being a criminal offender, the right thing to do is to talk consult with a lawyer and seek the assistance of a private investigator. That’s the surest way of ensuring a fair trial and getting a favorable outcome. No matter what you’re facing, our detectives can carry out exhaustive criminal defense investigation and obtain admissible proof that will liberate you. Our aim is to provide your legal team with key evidence that will enable them make a strong legal representation.

Background Investigations

Professional Background Investigation:

Bond Investigations is a trusted resource on everything to do with a background investigation. For years, we have diligently served private individuals and businesses with unwavering commitment. Licensed and highly experienced in every facet of a background investigation, our private investigators know how to get results that clients want.

Elder Abuse Investigation

Professional Elder Abuse Investigation

Elder abuse is not a new phenomenon. Hundreds of senior citizens are often subjected to various forms of physical, emotional, and financial abuse. Due to old age, most victims cannot take legal action or seek justice for the wrongs or offense perpetrated against them. Relatives and friends are often the culprits or people behind such crimes. Through elder abuse investigation, you can uncover and stop suspects from committing heinous crimes against senior citizens.

Insurance Investigations

Professional Insurance Claims Investigation:

Insurance is one area that is fraught with many challenges. Fraud is certainly the biggest of them all. Without insurance investigations or due diligence, an insurer can lose money needlessly through questionable auto, personal injury, and workplace compensation claims. Working with a professional insurance investigator eliminates the risk of fraud and protects the interests of the insurer.

Business Investigations

Professional Business Investigators

Modern businesses operate in a fast-paced environment that poses a myriad of challenges. While some businesses try to protect their assets and reputation, others struggle to stop fraud or embezzlement. Whatever the case, it’s really important for the management to carry out a business investigation and observe due diligence to ensure the company or business remains compliant and profitable. That’s the surest way of minimizing losses ad building investor confidence.

Alimony Investigations

Professional Alimony Investigation

Divorce or separation comes with many implications, but the most significant is alimony. This is something most people don’t think about when they part ways. Once the divorce is finalized, the affected spouse or partner wakes up to the reality that they are supposed to make alimony payments. Should you find yourself walking down this unfamiliar path, you should make an effort to enlist the services of an alimony investigator. Only a professional investigator can lift the burden of alimony by showing you deserve a reduction or termination.

Skip Tracing

Professional Skip Tracing Investigation Services

Often, people move out of town for personal reasons or relocate for business. When they do, some leave no indication where they are headed to nor any forwarding address. So it becomes quite challenging to find such people. If you’re having a hard time locating such persons, you need to enlist the help of a licensed private investigator to perform skip tracking investigation. That way, you’ll save both time and money and get accurate leads on the whereabouts of your subject.

Locate Investigations

Locate a Missing Person, Friend, or a Key Witness Quickly

Bond Investigations is a trusted resource for tracking down and locating missing persons. We’re often called upon to find friends, associates, long-lost acquaintances, and debtors. Whether you urgently need to locate investigation to find a key witness to take to the stand or a person who has jumped bail, rest assured we have the capacity to find and point out the whereabouts of any subject.